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The Metrohm E1622 Milliohm meter uses a four wire system to ensure accurate low resistance measurements.

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The Metrohm E1622 is a low cost milliohm meter that uses the four wire test method for accurate readings. With a maximum range of 2000? and a test current of 100mA. This meter is ideal for testing of bonding areas in numerous applications including aircraft, industrial installations, PCB tracks, motor winding resistance and more.


Measuring the winding resistance of electric motors, generators and transformers.
Bond testing in mines, aircraft, railways, ships, domestic and industrial wiring installations.
Measuring the ring main continuity in industrial and domestic wiring installations.
Measuring resistance in electronic equipment such as shunts, PCB tracks, switches and relays.
Checking compression joints.
Test and maintenance of switchboard and sub-station equipment on such items as fuses, joints, contacts and bonding.

Metrohm E1622 Specifications:

  • Measuring Ranges: 0 - 2000Ω in 5 ranges.
  • Protection fuses: 0.5A 5x20mm DIN.
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 250mm x 190mm.
  • Weight 1.563 kg.
  • Metrohm E1622 Warranty: Two years.


Includes: Metrohm E1622, Mains Lead, Test Leads and E1622 Instruction Manual.

Weight 1.563kg
Test Current 100mA

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Metrohm E1622