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Megger BT51 2A Bond Tester
  • Megger BT51 2A Bond Tester
  • Megger BT51 2A Bond Tester

Megger BT51 2A Bond Tester

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: Supply lead for battery charger, BT51 Operating instruction book, DH1-C Two wire, four terminal duplex twist probe lead set - 3m.

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The Megger BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter makes measurements by passing a current through the conductor under test and also monitoring the voltage across it. The test current is limited by a simple current limiting circuit and is measured by monitoring the voltage across a resistor. The test current is maintained at a nominal 2 A, and as the measurement is ratiometric, the reading is unaffected by any current variations.

Operation of the Megger BT51 is simple, there being only one range switch to set. Power is supplied by internal rechargeable cells and the charger unit is incorporated into the case. The instrument is built into a robust, portable case that is weatherproof and shockproof and has a hinged, detachable lid.

The Megger BT51 ductor uses the four-terminal method of measurement. The main advantage of this method is that the resistance of the test leads is not included in the measurement. This is an important factor when the value of the measured resistance is very low. In the diagram, resistance RX is measured only between points A and B; other resistances in the current loop either side of A and B are ignored.


Commissioning and maintenance of substation equipment).
Maintenance of overhead transmission lines, where “hot” joints can be tested before and after their remaking or recompression.
Bond testing aircraft frames, including the bonding of electronic dischargers and fuel tanks.
Testing earth bonds in mines.
Rail bond testing, where a rail is used as part of a communication system or for power transmission.
Testing the integrity of lightning conductors.
Electronic equipment.


High test current – 2 a.c. (e.g., for aircraft bond testing).
Four terminal measurement.
Two measuring ranges (2000 mΩ and 20,00 mΩ) and maximum resolution of 0,01 mΩ.
3½-digit LED display, which is helpful in a poorly lit environment.
Protection against 240 V a.c. and warning lights for added safety.
Robust, shockproof, weatherproof, portable case.
Can use very long test leads.

Megger BT51 Specifications
Ranges 2000 mΩ, resolution 1 mΩ
20,00 mΩ, resolution 0,01 mΩ.
Test Current 2 A nominal, with up to 2Ω across the C terminals.
Accuracy (0 to 50°C) ±1% of reading ± 2 digits.
Display 3.5 digit LED display.
Operating Temp 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F).
Storage Temp -20 to +50°C (-4 to 122°F).
Protection Relay protection for up to 240 V mains supply applied from
C1/Pl to C2/P2.
100 mA (T) fuse, 20 x 5 mm, ceramic (for charging circuit).
Power Supply 4 Ah capacity NiCad rechargeable cells with internal charging
Normal charging time of 10 hours on 240 V, 50 Hz mains supply.
Safety The instrument meets the requirements for IEC 610101-1.
The instrument is intended for use with non powered circuits
EMC In Accordance with IEC61326-1
Dimensions 245 H x 344 W x 158 D mm
(9,6 H x 13,5 W x 6,25 D in. approx).
Weight 4.5 kg (10 lb approx).
Megger BT51 warranty 2 years.


Megger DLRO Test Leads

PDF Datasheet of the Megger DLRO Test Leads Fitted with Duplex Connectors options.

Download (1.41M)

Megger BT51 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter.

Download (573.62k)

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Megger BT51 2A Bond Tester
Pouch Accessory pouch, leather. 6430-193
TL3-C-BT51 Individual test lead (no terminations) 3M Connect (X1). 1007-023
TL6-C-BT51 Individual test lead (no terminations) 6M Connect (X1). 1007-024
EL6-C Extension lead Connect 6.0m (X1). 1006-460
DH1-C 3M Duplex Handspike lead set, with connect (x2). 1006-442
DH2-C 6m/20’ version of DH1-C above but only 1 included. 1006-443
DTP1-C Duplex Twist Probe 1. Duplex connect handspike with sprung twisting tips. 1006-449
DP1-C Duplex Probe 1. Duplex connect handspike with sprung loaded tips. 1006-450

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