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Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter
  • Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter
  • Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter
  • Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter
  • Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter

Megger MOM2 200A Microhmmeter with Kelvin Probes

Megger approved distributor and service centre.

Includes: 2 x 1.3 m (4 ft) test cables with Kelvin probes (one with trig button), Transport case, Charger, Rubber holster, Carrying strap, Belt clip, Megger MOM2 Win software.

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The Megger MOM2 is designed to measure the resistance of circuit breaker contacts, bus-bar joints and other high-current links. The Megger MOM2 is designed with safety, ease of use and versatility in mind.

The MOM2 200A ductor uses an ultra capacitor to generate the high output current. The ultra capacitor is able to store a huge amount of energy compared to conventional capacitors and can deliver very high current during the discharge thanks to its very low internal resistance. The microhmmeter can be used anywhere to measure a low resistance value with high accuracy.

With the MOM2 it is possible to make measurements according to the DualGround™ method. This means that the test object will be grounded on both sides throughout the test giving a safer, faster and easier workflow.

The ruggedness and lightweight makes MOM2 a handheld instrument very suitable for field work, such as in substations. The unit comes with a strong rubber holster accessory which makes it extra durable. MOM2 is dimensioned to make a full day’s work of testing without recharge. It can store 104 test values and transfer test data to a PC via Bluetooth.


Up to 220 A.
Battery supplied.
Lightweight – 1 kg.
Safe test – DualGround™.
Auto range: 1 μΩ to 1000 mΩ.
Bluetooth® PC communication.
Complies with IEEE and IEC standards.

Megger MOM2 Product Video

Megger MOM2 Specifications
Specifications are valid at fully charged batteries and an ambient temperature of +25°C.
Measurement Specs
Minimum Current Guarantee Selectable 50 A/100 A
Valid at resistance ≤2 mΩ.
PASS/FAIL Settable from 1 μΩ to 1999 mΩ.
Number of Measurements on Fully Charged Batteries Typical 2200 at I min = 50 A and 0.1s
Typical 800 at I min = 100 A and 0.1s.
Interference Supression
Range 0 to 1000 mΩ.
Resolution 0 to 999 μΩ: 1 μΩ
1.0 to 9.99 mΩ: 0.01 mΩ
10.0 to 99.9 mΩ: 0.1 mΩ
100 to 1000 mΩ: 1 mΩ.
Inaccuracy 0 to 1999 μΩ: ±1% of reading ± 1 digit
2 to 500 mΩ: ±2% of reading ± 1 digit
500 to 1000 mΩ: ±4% of reading ± 1 digit.
Range >100 A DC (R < 2 mΩ).
Output Voltage (max) 2.5 V DC.
Generation Duration Selectable: 0.1s, 0.6s, 3s.
Generation Time
0.1s Max: 10s, Typical: 8s.
0.6s Max: 20s, Typical: 16s.
3s Max: 130s, Typical: 100s.
Sense (+/-) Connector: 4 mm banana jack
Voltage: ±3 V DC.
Trigger Input Threshold 8 V DC.
DC IN 12 to 24 V DC, 2 A max.
Data Label, Timestamp, I max, i min, I limit, Resistance, Meas. Time, P/F Limit.
Labelling Schemes Circuit breaker oriented or running numbers.
Capacity 104 measurements.
Environmental Specifications
Application Field For use in high voltage substations and industrial environments.
Operating Temperature -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F).
Storage Temperature -40 to +70°C (-40 to +158°F).
Relative Humidity (%RH) 5 to 95%, non-condensing.
Pollution Degree 2.
Shock IEC 60068-2-27.
Vibration IEC 60669-2-6.
Transport ISTA 2A.
CE Marking EMC - 2004/108/EC.
LVD - 2006/95/EC.
General Specs
Battery Power Five AA (HR6) 2700 mAh NiMH cells.
Recharge Time <12h.
Typical Recharge Time at 25°C 3h.
Battery Charger Mains Voltage 100 to 250 V AC, 50/60 Hz.
Battery Charger Power Consumption 60 W.
Battery Charger Protection Against wrong battery type, low/high temperature.
Real Time Clock Battery Life ≥ 10 years.
Audible Feedback Different buzzer sounds
User Presets 3.
Field Calibration
Encapsulation IP54.
Dimensions (excluding binding posts) 217 x 104 x 72 mm (8.5 x 4.1 x 2.8 inches).
Weight 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) instrument only
5.0 kg (11 lbs) with accessories and carrying case.
Megger MOM2 warranty 1 year.


Megger MOM2 Datasheet

PDF Specifications of the Megger MOM2 Hand-held 200 A Micro-ohmmeter.

Download (705.46k)

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Megger MOM2 200A Microhmmeter with Kelvin Probes
Test cables With Kelvin probes (current & sense) 2 x 1.3 (4 ft) m (one with trig button). GA-90000
Test cables With Kelvin clamps (current & sense) 1.3 m (4 ft) red, 3 m (10 ft) black. GA-90001
Current cable With Kelvin clamp 3 m (10 ft) black, 16 mm2. GA-00372
Current cable With Kelvin clamp 1.3 m (4 ft) red, 16 mm2. GA-00373
Current cable With Kelvin clamp 5 m (16 ft) black, 25 mm2. GA-00374
Current cable With Kelvin clamp 10 m (33 ft) black, 16 mm2. GA-00376
Soft carrying case For MOM2, Charger and Cables. GD-00620

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