Megger PCITS2000/2 Primary Current Injection Test Set


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The Megger PCITS2000/2 Primary Current Injection Test Set is a rugged, self-contained instrument designed for operation by one person.

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The PCITS 2000/2 is now obsolete. Please see the Megger Ingvar as a suggested alternative here

The Megger PCITS 2000/2 test set has a separate hand-held controller connected by an expandable cable. This allows the operator to work close to a protective relay while controlling a test. The maximum output current is 2000 A a.c. at line frequency. The Megger PCITS2000/2 is a two-wheeled unit (with a handle).

Current and voltage outputs are varied automatically from the controller. The output current is supplied through wing nut terminals to the low inductance lead set (available optionally). The voltage output has a separate pair of terminals. Each test set has a built-in timer which itself has three modes of operation ‘Forward’, ‘Run-back’ and ‘Dual’.


Test relay protection systems and their current transformers together.
Current level maintained though test circuit resistance may rise due to heating.
Built-in timer to record protection relay operation.

Megger PCITS2000/2 Specifications:

  • Maximum Current Output ac: 2000 A at 0 to 3 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 1000 A at 0 to 6 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz.
  • Current accuracy: Output ±2.5% of programmed value.
  • Auxiliary Voltage Output ac: 0 to 250 V, 0-2 A, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 0 to 125 V, 0-2 A, 50 Hz/60 Hz.
  • Timer range: 0-600 sec, resolution 0,01 sec. Accuracy: ±0.1%, ±0.05 sec.
  • Cycle: 2½ minutes on circuit and 15 minutes off circuit at full range current and voltage.
  • Operating temperature range and humidity: 0°C to 40°C (32 to 104°F).
  • Timer control: Timer stop inputs - Unenergised or 100 V to 264 V a.c./d.c. energised contacts.
  • EMC: IEC 61326-1.
  • Display: Dot matrix L.C.D.
  • Dimensions: 320 mm x 305 mm x 510 mm (12½ in x 12 in x 20 in approx.) excluding handle and wheels.
  • Weight: 61 kg (134 lb. approx.).
  • Megger PCITS2000/2 warranty: 1 year.

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Megger PCITS2000/2 Primary Current Injection Test Set