Druck DPI610HC 135 Bar SG Portable Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator

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These self-contained, battery powered portable pressure calibrators contain a pressure generator, fine pressure control, device energising and output measurement capabilities.

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Please Note: In December 2015 GE Druck announced that with the launch of the DPI 612 hFlexPro hydraulic calibrator the DPI 610 HC and DPI 615 HC models are being phased out. No orders will be accepted for these models after the end of 2015.

View the Druck DPI612 Flex here

View the Druck DPI611 here

The rugged weatherproof design is styled such that the pressure pump can be operated and test leads connected without compromising the visibility of the large dual parameter display. The mA step and ramp outputs and a built-in continuity tester extend the capabilities to include the commissioning and maintenance of control loops.

  • Sensor: 135 bar sealed gauge.
  • Priming Pump: M5 female feed port.
  • Shut-off Valve: Open for system priming.
  • Screw Press: 0 to 400 bar capability.
  • Pressure Port: G 1/8 female.
  • Media: Demineralized water and most hydraulic oils.
DPI610/615 Models Druck DPI610 HC

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Druck DPI610HC 135 Bar SG Portable Hydraulic Pressure Calibrator