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Founded in 1893 by Raphaël Chauvin and René Arnoux, Chauvin Arnoux has had a considerable influence on the development of measurement technology. A long and prestigious list of inventions, such as the Universal Tester (the precursor of the Multimeter) and the ammeter clamp, bears witness to this fact. Throughout the 20th century, Chauvin Arnoux filed more than 350 patents and trade marks.

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    The C.A 1110 is a Class C logger luxmeter with spectral error compensation for LED and fluorescent sources.

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  • Straight probe with 10A double pivoting retractable test probe (x2).

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  • Set of black, red and blue 3m HV leads. Part number P01295466.

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  • For your housing maintenance, renovation and improvement work, the lOCaT-N C.a 6881 detects electrical power cables and telecommunication cables, metal pipes and even anomalies on your lines.

    £ 291.00
  • The L452 2-Channel Data Logger is a two-channel recorder. It can be powered either by the rechargeable batteries or by mains, via a USB cable.

    £ 297.00
  • In the event of an insulation fault or untimely tripping of RCDs, the F65 clamp is the ideal tool for detecting and measuring the leakage currents flowing to earth.

    £ 314.00
  • The C.A 6121 Remote Control Pedal frees the hands of the user and provides the On/Off functions for the test and memorisation of the result (double pedal).

    £ 333.00
  • The Chauvin C.A 6522 insulation tester is compact, lightweight and simple to use, offering greater comfort for users.

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  • High-quality accessories for your earth resistance and/or ground resistivity measurements.

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  • The Chauvin Arnoux C.A1227 lets you measure air speed and flow rate in all situations.

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  • The Chauvin Arnoux F407 clamp is ideal for low-voltage, medium-power systems in LV electricity production and distribution, industry, railways, etc.

    £ 407.00
  • The DataView software is an essential tool for configuring and performing measurements, viewing data in real time, recovering recorded data and creating measurement reports.

    £ 450.00
  • High-quality accessories for your earth resistance and/or ground resistivity measurements.

    £ 454.00
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  • The CL601 clamp-on ammeter is ideal for electrical and HVAC trouble-shooting plus machine load monitoring.

    £ 469.00
  • The Chauvin Arnoux Simple Logger II L642 is a 2-channel temperature logger for thermocouples.

    £ 479.00
  • Multimeter clamp offering power measurements as well as voltage, current and continuity functions.

    £ 497.00
  • Compact and simple to use, the C.A 1631 calibrator is equipped with a wide screen for comfortable reading.

    £ 514.00
  • The with its variable test voltages, the Chauvin Arnoux C.A 6536 is intended for special applications in sectors such as avionics, space and defence

    £ 525.00
  • With its 60 mm clamping diameter and current measurements up to 3000A, the F607 clamp is ideal for low-voltage electrical power distribution and transmission applications.

    £ 539.00
  • The Chauvin C.A 6534 megohmmeter is a communicating Insulation and Continuity Tester for Electronics Applications.

    £ 568.00
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