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    Designed and developed for simplified use, it is ideal for all applications in the building, electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance sector.

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    The Fluke Ti200 is fast, accurate and user friendly - the perfect camera for infrared inspections.

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  • The Fluke Ti300 comes complete with LaserSharp® Auto Focus and a rugged design, built to last in any environment.

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  • Fluke Ti400 is perfect for professionals due to high-performance features, like LaserSharp Auto Focus. Discover the speed and accuracy of this cutting-edge camera today.

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  • Simply point and shoot - the camera automatically processes a stack of images focused near and far to give you clear, accurate focus throughout the field of view.

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  • Detect the exact location of Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas leaks on live equipment, designed especially for the Utilities Industry.

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