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Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) is a world leader of high quality innovative products. Investing heavily in research and development, a high percentage of this is spent on pioneering new sensor technology and the development of state of the art instruments.

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  • Coloured rubber boots for protection, multi-site or multi-application working.

    £ 27.00
  • There are four GMI PS1 gas models available. The model is clearly identified on the front housing of the instrument.

    £ 131.00
  • The PS500 can be tailored to detect up to five gases with its toxic and catalytic sensors, photo ionisation detectors, and infrared capabilities.

    £ 399.00
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  • The PS200 5-Way Charger is specifically designed for use with the PS200 Series portable gas detector.

    £ 461.00
  • The PS200 is designed for confined space monitoring, for example, in sewers, underground piping, or within tanks and other personal monitoring applications.

    £ 512.00
  • The PS1 Bump Test and Calibration Station is designed to give a fast visual indication that instruments are calibrated correctly.

    £ 684.00
  • The PS500 CO2 Carbon Dioxide detection solution provides unrivalled protection in confined space applications.

    £ 778.00
  • The Gasurveyor 3-500 compliments the Gascoseeker with a similar performance, measuring % LEL and % volume flammable hydrocarbons.

    £ 1,315.00
    In Stock
  • The GMI Gascoseeker is the gas industry standard instrument for measuring % LEL and % Volume flammable hydrocarbon gas.

    £ 1,505.00
  • The Gasurveyor 11-500 compliments both the Gascoseeker, Gasurveyor 3-500 and the Oxygas instruments.

    £ 1,743.00
    In Stock
  • The Gasurveyor 6-500 compliments the Gasurveyor 3-500 measuring % LEL and % volume flammable hydrocarbons, but with the addition of carbon monoxide.

    £ 1,832.00
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  • The GMI Gasurveyor 500 series of instruments is the next generation developed by GMI to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.

    £ 2,159.00
    In Stock
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