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  • The testo 865 provides high-quality thermography at an affordable price and keeps going even in tough working conditions.

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    Designed and developed for simplified use, it is ideal for all applications in the building, electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance sector.

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  • Combining high performance with an unbeatable price, the Testo 869 makes top-quality thermography affordable for everyone.

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  • Easy to use, point and shoot entry level infrared camera with 80 x 60 resolution - ideal for quick scans and inspections.

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  • Feature rich and extremely affordable thermal imaging camera with FLIR's patented MSX-technology.

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  • The Testo 870-1 combines quality with value to offer you the perfect entry level thermal imaging camera, at an affordable price.

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  • The Testo 868 thermal imager was developed for applications in daily maintenance and installation work in trade and industry.

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  • Affordable, fixed focus infrared camera with 120 x 90 resolution and three presets of IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend, making documenting problems quick and easy.

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  • Designed for entry-level users, and measuring temperatures up to +250°C, the E6 produces instant, ‘point-and-shoot’ JPEG thermal imagery with all required temperature data included.

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  • The Testo 870-2 has been designed in cooperation with heating & building contractors, service engineers and facilities management specialists especially for these applications.

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  • Find problems faster in industrial applications with the TiS40 fixed focus infrared camera - 160 x 120 resolution and IR-Fusion® with blending and PIP mode.

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  • The Testo 871 thermal imaging camera combines high infrared resolution with professional measuring performance and easy handling.

    £ 1,699.00
  • Electricians and technicians can increase the speed of inspecting and repairing with the TiS45 Infrared Camera's 160 x 120 resolution and manual focus.

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  • The Testo 875-1i offers better thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera, extended temperature range and laser pointer.

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  • The Testo 872 thermal imaging camera is ideally suited for professional industrial and building thermography - at the same time it ensures your work is both quick and easy.

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  • Find problems fast in electrical, mechanical and building applications with the TiS50 Infrared Camera's 220 x 165 resolution and IR-Fusion® with AutoBlend and PIP mode.

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  • The FLIR E8 camera offers Picture-in-Picture that inserts the thermal image over the visible photo as an extra documentation option.

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  • Quickly identify potential building, electrical, and mechanical problems with the manual focus TiS55 Infrared Camera's crisp and clear 220x165 resolution.

    £ 2,595.00
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  • The Testo 875-2i infrared camera with built-in digital camera makes your work in industrial and building thermography even easier, quicker and more efficient.

    £ 2,599.00
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  • Identify problems quickly with the fixed focus, TiS60 Infrared Camera with 260x195 resolution and precision image blending with IR-Fusion® technology.

    £ 2,895.00
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In industrial environments thermal imaging is being used for finding hot-spots that can lead to failures in electrical and mechanical installations. Building professionals look for insulation losses and other building related defects with a thermal imaging camera. Finding insulation losses and repairing them can mean huge energy savings.

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  • Chauvin Thermal Cameras

    Designed and developed for simplified use, the Chauvin CA1950 is ideal for all applications in the building,electrical maintenance and mechanical maintenance sector.

  • FLIR Thermal Imagers

    Pioneers in thermal imaging, FLIR were founded in 1978, originally providing infrared imaging systems that were installed on vehicles for use in conducting energy audits. Today our advanced systems and components are used for a wide variety of thermal imaging, situational awareness, and security applications.

  • Fluke Thermal Imagers

    Fluke thermal Imagers are the perfect tool to add to your problem solving arsenal. Built for tough work environments, these high-performance, fully radiometric infrared cameras are ideal for troubleshooting electrical installations, electro-mechanical equipment, process equipment, HVAC/R equipment and others.

  • Testo Thermal Imagers

    Testo manufacture an extensive range of quality thermal imaging cameras, suitable for a wide range of applications.

  • Camera Accessories

    A range of accessories for thermal imaging cameras.